Innovating Sports for the Post-COVID Fan? Establish these 7 Key Values.

Miss sports? Me too. As CTO of MVP Interactive, I miss our clients, I miss the teams and leagues they work for, and I miss my teams. The world is more than sports, and all MVPers want to extend our hearts to the families working to keep us safe and at home during this pandemic.

Many of the technologies and experiences MVP makes are for installations on sports venue concourses. I spend a lot of time in stadiums, working with teams and taking part in the behind-the-scenes activity that goes into the sports at these venues. Sports is the great content creator. It will evolve, and so will fans. Technology will be the key component in this evolution to bring fans back safely to the games we love.

Establish Demand via Digital Outreach

Innovate Ticket Options

Schedule Fan Entry

Enhance Concourse Entertainment

Guide Lines and Fan Navigation

Innovate Concession and Delivery Options

Concessions will evolve, too. Fewer employees should come in contact with products before they reach consumers, and those products will need modifications for how they can be safely consumed. I think we’ll see fewer foods that require a line cook to prepare (like sandwiches), and more foods that can be heated in an encased enclosure (like hotdogs, pretzels, and popcorn) and packaged without touch. Prepackaged options should also thrive. Updates to alcohol, draft pours, pre-opening bottles and cans should also be rethought with contamination in mind.

Collect Fan Feedback

At MVP, we believe we’ll see a new age of investment in game-day experiences, concourse technology, and fan feedback mechanisms with this new consumer in mind. These innovations will promote social engagement between fans and encourage people to come back together to be a part of the team and the live experience. We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on and can’t wait to see the teams we love retake the ice, courts, fields, and pitches across the world.

If you’d like to hear more about what we’re doing at MVP Interactive for the future fan, now is a great time to get in touch. Visit our website to request a quote, leave a comment here, or DM me to continue the conversation.

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