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  • Chris Arasin

    Chris Arasin

    Philadelphia-based designer/developer

  • Veritas Gaming Group

    Veritas Gaming Group

  • Geoff Cook

    Geoff Cook

    Started and sold 3 companies in the last 20 years for $10 million, $100 million, and $500 million. Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner (Philly).

  • Florencia Solari

    Florencia Solari

    Creative Technologist and Consultant @ xochiworld. Bringing fantasy to life XR/3D/AR/WEBAR.

  • ʞooH ɯlǝsu∀

    ʞooH ɯlǝsu∀

    SFO Hacker Dad Artist Canuck @mozilla formerly at @parcinc @meedan @makerlab

  • Blender Sushi Guy

    Blender Sushi Guy

    Independent CG artist with interest in Computer Graphics, Augmented Reality, iOS, Android, and all kind of tech experiments. Also the author of Blender Sushi.

  • Sérgio Dias

    Sérgio Dias

    Software Architect at OutSystems. I was an Entrepreneur for a long time, started developing e-commerce almost 20 years ago. twitter: @serdays

  • Berk Erdag

    Berk Erdag

    VFX artist writing about mostly the business side and a bit about the artistic side and some technical experiments of the VFX and CG Sector.

  • Tera Nguyen

    Tera Nguyen

    Producer at Schell Games — turning Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality into meaningful consumer products

  • Nate Girard

    Nate Girard

    I’m a Senior UX Designer for SaaS B2B products. I have a passion for VR/AR/XR and I am formally trained in 3D Animation and Visual Effects.

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