Do the gameplay controls and feedbacks in Fan Controlled Football deliver on the promise of fan control? Let’s take a look.

This past week was the inaugural draft and matches of the Fan Controlled Football league. Four teams drafted their players Wednesday night (Feb 10th, 2021) and then faced off in back-to-back contests Saturday night (Feb 13th, 2021), all of which was live-streamed on Twitch.

The games were great. Tons of runs, scrambles, and bombs, which have been covered extensively across channels.

From my career making video games, if you want someone to love your game, focus on the controls…

Miss sports? Me too. As CTO of MVP Interactive, I miss our clients, I miss the teams and leagues they work for, and I miss my teams. The world is more than sports, and all MVPers want to extend our hearts to the families working to keep us safe and at home during this pandemic.

Many of the technologies and experiences MVP makes are for installations on sports venue concourses. I spend a lot of time in stadiums, working with teams and taking part in the behind-the-scenes activity that goes into the sports at these venues. Sports is the great…

Won’t lie, feels strange picking such a specific topic like lighting and shadows for my first piece of writing on augmented reality. It feels like I should be writing about all the future implications of the tech, about persistence and how we’re all going to share the same experience, or about how digital goods are going to shake up retail harder than Amazon. Those are fine topics for another day, but I’ve been stoked about lighting in augmented reality, so that’s where I’m going to start.

But first, dinosaurs!

These scenes were shot on my iPhoneX and feature ARKit’s…

Jason Marziani

Habitual shaker upper. Sr. Engineering Manager of 3D Experiences @ Matterport

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